Meet Francillon Chery from Haiti

A documentary story about Haitian artist and amputee soccer player Francillon Chery aired Saturday, January 15, on KXAS NBC Channel 5 in Dallas, Texas.

The story includes video of Francillon painting, playing amputee soccer and wheelchair racing.

The video was produced by Kevin Stewart, a photojournalist for NBC and the owner of Good Creations Production.

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It was Dr. Fred Sorrells, President of International Institute of Sports - IISPORT ( who introduced Francillon's Art to  me.  Immediately after hearing the inspiring story of Francillon Chery, I immediately wanted to help him.  I am now adding his beautiful folk art style paintings to my online gallery.  Francillon also employees other Haitians affected by the devastating earthquake of 2010.  I love his Waiting Lady painting.  The face seems to remind me of Frida Kahlo's style. 

I will be hosting a table at Traders Village here in San Antonio to sell Francillon's Metal Works. 

Market Hours

Saturday & Sunday
Gates Open 7:00 a.m.

Best Shopping Times
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



This is one of my favorite paintings by Francillon Chery.  This is an original painting. Cost is $550.00

The Plow

Francillon loves doing the detail in all of his paintings and he does it very well.  This is an original painting in oils on stretched canvas. $250.00

The Miracle

Francillon loves God and loves to share his faith in Jesus, he is so proud to have his gift of creativity.   He love painting images that are certainly capturing and great compositions.  He has not had any formal training this just comes to him naturally!  That is a MIRACLE! $250.00

24" x 36"  Canvas Posters Are Now Available For Francillon Chery's Art

Waiting 24x36 Canvas Poster $65.00 FREE SHIPPING
The Plow 24x36 Canvas Poster $65.00 FREE SHIPPING


The Miracle 24x36 Canvas Poster $65.00 FREE SHIPPING