Hello everyone!  My name is Michelle (Shell) Harris.  Welcome to my new site where I showcase my current freelance projects.  Currently, I am working with Kennedy Ng'ang'a a quadriplegic from Mombasa, Kenya

I am also working with a young man from Haiti who was horribly affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  His home was in ruins but God sent a very grace filled man by the name of Dr. Fred Sorrells and Dr. Fred not only helped Francillon through his amputation therapy but he also learned about Francillon's creative abilities and through Dr. Fred's nonprofit IISPORT.ORG he gathered all kinds of art supplies for Francillon and was amazed at his abilities and now Dr. Fred is going back to Haiti to help others just like Francillon who is now able to employ others in his community with the help of Dr. Fred. 

I represent and assist these artists at no charge so please consider a small donation to help me continue to help others.  You may advertise your site here for only 20.00 per month.  I can either design your graphical advertisement or you may provide your own or if you just want to place a text link, I'm happy to help with that, also.

Now, a little about me...

I also live with a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type II.  I do my work from my bed if I'm not able to get to my home office.  I love to help others.  This is kind of my only way to give back to the world.  I hope to work with some American artists soon so if you would like some help with selling your artwork and you have a disability, just contact me, TODAY! :)